What Does Minecraft and Marketing Have in Common?


My grandson is home with me today. He loves to play Minecraft and he is really quite good at the game. As I was watching him play I noticed a few things. First he was playing with a few other kids from all over the US and one young man in England. Second, they were collaborating to get things accomplished within the environment. Third, my grandson stopped what he was doing to make some items for one of the other players. I found this interesting because this group of pre-teens were naturally collaborating, sharing and reaching out. They were using the best marketing techniques available without paying oodles of money to go to seminars, spending hours online and buying book after book to learn how to use relationships to get things done.


Why is this so hard for some adults to understand? It’s through working together and supporting each other that we can truly build our own businesses and tribes as Seth Godin would say. If we are sitting at our desks thinking” Me, Me, Me” we are limiting ourselves, our incomes and our reach into the world.


Great marketers understand this.

Here’s a great video of Seth Godin at TED Talks in 2007 where he discusses the spread of ideas.

How do you use relationships to build your business? How can you be better?

By Laura B. WIlliams

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