Publishing with Angela Bole, IBPA Executive Director

On today’s Indie Office Hours we invited Angela Bole, the Executive Director of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), to join us along with Phil Aston of Genius Loci. we discussed how “it takes a village” to get a great book in the hands of your readers. IBPA offers education and resources that can help independent publishers create a great product. The IBPA has been around for 30 years and over that time they have built wonderful relationships with industry vendors and is able to offer their members many benefits that can help them  keep costs down without lowering quality.

7:24 How can joining the IBPA benefit a self-publisher?
7:58 Professionalism matters.
9:12 You are “independent” but you are not “alone”.
10:17 The power of networking at IBPA and IPNE events.
11:09 “There are no dumb questions because the field (of publishing) is changing so fast.” -Charlotte Pierce
11:13 The online learning programs that the IBPA offers members.
13:41 How can IBPA help new writers?
15:15 Collaboration is the new Competition- David Amerland
16:52 What about Print On Demand?
17:36 Networking and connecting with others through associations like IBPA and IPNE
18:06 What is the biggest challenge that independent publishers face?
20:20 Contract…….READ EVERYTHING!!!!!!
21:18 How IPNE can work with writer’s groups.
22:30 How can cooperative marketing work?
26:53 When you combine Competition and Cooperation you create Co-opitition- Ben Fisher
28:03 Angela drinks a big glass of Google+ Koolaid!
29:08 Embrace Technology! ((((technology))))


Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press in Massachusetts, which specializes in Independent travel & children’s publishing with the DayTripper Books imprint. Pierce Press also does marketing materials, website management, and video production for video production for nonprofits, small businesses, & individuals. Charlotte is also a Co-President of Independent Book Publishers of New England (IPNE). Her background in publishing and editing is invaluable to her clients.
Charlotte also hosts Face the Book TV which is a live-streaming online newsmagazine for independent writers, publishers and their readers. You can SUBSCRIBE to the Face the Book TV YouTube Channel
You Can Connect with Charlotte:
Twitter at @PiercePress


Laura Williams of Goodinklings.  Laura is the owner of Goodinklings, a content marketing and social media agency in Florida. Laura works with businesses around the country and in the UK developing written content for websites, press releases, articles, and blogging. She works with companies and individuals to create results-oriented marketing solutions.
She also hosts The Writing Biz a Hangout On Air that helps authors develop the skills they need to run their business. SUBSCRIBE to The Writing Biz YouTube channel.
You Can Connect with Laura:
Twitter at @GoodInklings


Angela Bole is the Executive Director of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) with 23 affiliates in the US and Canada. IBPA’s mission is to lead and serve the independent publishing community by providing advocacy, education, and tools for success in publishing. IBPA’s current member-benefits awareness campaign has been particularly effective under Angela’s direction, and includes a cloud-based, MOOC-style learning center.
Twitter at @ibpa

Phil Aston is the owner of Genius Loci in Cornwall, UK.  He is a genius when it comes to SEO, social media, website design and management. Yet somehow, he finds time to take amazing photographs. Phil and his wife Sue, have a wonderful HOA that spans the globe The Genius Loci Business & Media Show. SUBSCRIBE to The Genius Loci Business & Media Show

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