My Favorite Copywriting Blogs

Great copywriters never stop learning. Awhile ago I had an online show about building a writing business, called The Writing Biz. One of the things that I encouraged my audience to do is set aside time in their schedule for learning. I called it increasing your “learning equity”. I believe […]

8 Great Tools For Your Freelance Copywriting Business

8 Great Tools For Your Freelance Copywriitng Business Let me tell you today has been crazy so far. Between client work, emails, my phone ringing non-stop and everything else it takes to run a business I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, I decided to turn off the phone, ignore my […]

Semantic Search

Semantic Search Explained: David Amerland

  David Amerland is THE authority on Semantic Search.   This video explains the nuances and purpose of semantic search and how it makes the web a better place.   As the video states we are now “publishers” and “broadcasters”. The content we create has to educate, entertain and inspire. […]

5 Blogs Every Content Writer Should Follow

  As a content writer do you ever feel that you’re just out in the internet floundering around trying to figure out what’s going on? I felt like that to.  When I was a new content writer I knew that I wanted to succeed on my own, which mean that I had […]


No-Hype SEO: A Realistic Formula To Making SEO Work For Your Business, Part 1

  We all are looking for ways to make 2016 more streamlined, easier and still get results. Understanding current SEO methods doesn’t have to be daunting. This article is a good start to gaining the skills you will need. Clear and concise goals are what will make the difference. As […]

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