What is Your One Thing and How Are You Going to Make it a Reality?

Do you know what your One Thing is? I watched The Jess, Scott and You  HOA (Google hangout on Air) tonight. The topic was Amplify Your Impact. Some of the things I learned: The 4 D’s GPS The 411 The Domino Effect and more.  The discussion centered around the book […]


Why Your Website Needs a Blog

Did you know that 70% of consumers say they learned about a product through the company blog? When is the last time you paid attention to an online ad? Ads just aren’t as effective as they used to be. Now consumers want to learn about your brand and your products. […]

So, What is Content and Why Does It Matter?

  Or What Do Your Mechanic and a Content Creator Have in Common? Content is all the information that you can find online. It’s pictures, videos, blog posts, articles. comments, web page copy and more. We like to think of a brand new, well-designed website as a hot sportscar and […]

How Coca-Cola Can Help You Drive Your Brand: Coke’s Content Strategy

  Did you know that +Coca-Cola   has a plan to double their sales by 2020 through content? Coke has developed a mindset that uses the idea of the company being “liquid & linked” to take advantage of the organic flux of modern communication. Through storytelling, social listening, data analysis and collaboration […]


Creating Great Content for New Clients

By L Williams At Goodinklings we write content for various business clients. There are times when we need a bit of guidance to get the ball rolling for a new client. It can be particularly difficult if the business is brand new and they haven’t defined their “voice”. I came […]

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