Content Marketing


Where is Your Audience?

  Irfan Ahmed of Digital Information World. posted this infographic on Google+ today It is a terrific view of how to target your content to your ideal customer. It is imperative that you understand your audience and how best to broadcast your marketing to reach them. This is how you build engagement. […]

So, What is Content and Why Does It Matter?

  Or What Do Your Mechanic and a Content Creator Have in Common? Content is all the information that you can find online. It’s pictures, videos, blog posts, articles. comments, web page copy and more. We like to think of a brand new, well-designed website as a hot sportscar and […]

How Coca-Cola Can Help You Drive Your Brand: Coke’s Content Strategy

  Did you know that +Coca-Cola   has a plan to double their sales by 2020 through content? Coke has developed a mindset that uses the idea of the company being “liquid & linked” to take advantage of the organic flux of modern communication. Through storytelling, social listening, data analysis and collaboration […]


What Does Minecraft and Marketing Have in Common?

My grandson is home with me today. He loves to play Minecraft and he is really quite good at the game. As I was watching him play I noticed a few things. First he was playing with a few other kids from all over the US and one young man […]