My Favorite Copywriting Blogs

Great copywriters never stop learning. Awhile ago I had an online show about building a writing business, called The Writing Biz. One of the things that I encouraged my audience to do is set aside time in their schedule for learning. I called it increasing your “learning equity”. I believe […]

8 Great Tools For Your Freelance Copywriting Business

8 Great Tools For Your Freelance Copywriitng Business Let me tell you today has been crazy so far. Between client work, emails, my phone ringing non-stop and everything else it takes to run a business I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, I decided to turn off the phone, ignore my […]


Google+ for Freelancers:Another Reason You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

  Google+ For Freelancers Another Reason You Don’t Have to Wear Pants As freelancers it is vital that we either have a good grasp of how to use social media or pay someone to handle our social media marketing for us. It seems that each time we get a good […]