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Seven Tips for Delivering Great Presentations

Delivering a great presentation is not only hard but also critically important to your business. If done correctly, a presentation often means the difference between getting that new customer or wondering what went wrong. Read the full article at MarketingProfs Source: Marketing Profs Seven Tips for Delivering Great Presentations


One second can change you forever. Ask Comedian Michael Jr. And Spiderman.

There is a piece of advice that I have shared with my kids as they have grown up, with employees and with friends that is something that I have found to be unfailingly true. One second can change your life for better or worse. It could be that second where […]

Can We Thank Our Nation’s Veterans Enough? Nope. Not Ever.

One Story of thousands that are told on Veterans Day: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis We all have that story that is told as the kids grow up to keep our family history alive.In my family we have several, like the time that my Uncle ran away to Atlantic […]


Panda 4.0 Is Being Released Into the Wild

Panda 4.0 Helps to Create a Kinder, Gentler Web Two things happened in the last couple of days that have made me think, even more than usual, about SEO practices. Let me start by saying I am NOT an SEO expert. I mostly rely on tools that are available that […]


Instincts, Turtles, Giraffes and You

  Are You Using Your Instincts? I just watched a powerful piece of television. Bishop T.D. Jakes was speaking on one of Oprah’s Life Class shows. Bishop Jakes was talking about instincts and the power behind learning to listen to your instincts. My Favorite quotes: “If you have the instinct you can hire the intellect.” ” Instinct has a rhythm.” […]