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Entrepreneurs R Us Project: Tell a group of kids that they can build a business and see what happens

  While other kids are playing Xbox. These future entrepreneurs are reading spreadsheets. I am working on a project with friends from all over the US. Carmen Rojas of Rojas Consulting is teaching a class on entrepreneurship, called Entrepreneurs R Us, and she asked several of her vendors for a hand. […]

Business Women Who Rock! Podcast with Kate Erickson of Entrepreneur on Fire

 The Business Women Who Rock April 16 Podcast with Guest Kate Erickson Yesterday, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts Business Women Who Rock!, which is broadcast every Wednesday The show is hosted by the amazing Katie Krimitsos. Katie and her husband Chris are the founders of Business Owners organization called the Tampa Bay Business Owners that […]


Shouldn’t a Kid’s Education Teach Them To Be Successful?

    Can We Give Our Kids a Better Education? “We’re in the information age, for the love of God! We don’t need to teach our kids trigonometry. That’s why they make computers. It’s not like we are going to get stranded on a desert island, without a computer, and […]


Camel Jacket Chat on Entrepreneurship and Fear

  A new Hangout on Air for entrepreneurs hosted by Carmen Rojas of Rojas Digital Marketing Consultants debuted April 2nd.  The Camel Jacket Chat was created to open up discussion on topics that are important to entrepreneurs. The first installment concentrated on fear and how to make it work for you, instead […]


What is Your One Thing and How Are You Going to Make it a Reality?

Do you know what your One Thing is? I watched The Jess, Scott and You  HOA (Google hangout on Air) tonight. The topic was Amplify Your Impact. Some of the things I learned: The 4 D’s GPS The 411 The Domino Effect and more.  The discussion centered around the book […]