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The Writing Biz: So You Want To Be A Writerpreneur?

Turning Your Writing Into a Business If you are writing and making money from your writing, you are a Writerpreneur and with that comes some responsibilities. Whether you are publishing a book, freelancing or blogging you will have to make decisions as to what kind of business you would like […]

Time Management: How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

  Time Flies…Sometimes In the Wrong Direction This week on The Writing Biz we began a discussion on time management. My guests were Ryan J. Rhoades, who teamed up with co-author, Lany Sullivan to write a great book on time management, Stop Wasting Time & Burning Money, and Charlotte Pierce, […]

Indie Office Hours: E-Book Formatting with Yael Shahar

E-Book Formatting… The Hallelujah Moment We have all heard stories of what a nightmare it can be to manipulate your manuscript into an e-book format. There are good reasons why it is often difficult. Yael Shahar has the process down cold. On this weeks’ Indie Office Hours she takes us through […]

Writing … It’s Not Just a Hobby Anymore

Writing … It’s Not Just a Hobby Anymore Tonight was the inaugural broadcast of The Writing Biz. After a couple of technical glitches in the green room with the help of my friend and guest, Charlotte Pierce we went live. With this first episode I wanted to explain what my […]