How Coca-Cola Can Help You Drive Your Brand: Coke’s Content Strategy


Did you know that +Coca-Cola   has a plan to double their sales by 2020 through content?
Coke has developed a mindset that uses the idea of the company being “liquid & linked” to take advantage of the organic flux of modern communication.
Through storytelling, social listening, data analysis and collaboration they have shifted the company’s beliefs and built their marketing strategy around content creation.

What is Liquid & Linked content?
According to the people at Coke Liquid is defined as content excellence that is so contagious that it cannot be controlled. Linked comes into play because of the relevancy of the business objectives, the brand and the consumer interests.

When Coca-Cola came up with this plan they decided to make a couple of videos outlining how it was going to work and why. Their reason for doing so was that a shift in their marketing platform of such massive proportions would not go unnoticed and by trying to keep it secret it would defeat its purpose. Can you imagine promising your boss in front of the entire world that you are going to double the business by a certain time? That takes a set…if you know what I mean.

So is this easy? No. Will it magically create a better and more engages space for your business in this busy, noisy world? Possibly. I am not an idiot, so I realize that you probably don’t have millions of dollars to market your business. I also realize that you probably don’t have huge team of some of the best marketing minds in the world to bounce ideas off of.

But I would bet that you can use creativity, commitment and your ideas to build better relationships with your audience through excellent content creation. If you could market your brand by building trust and value, why wouldn’t you?

In 1926, the Coca-Cola slogan was, “It had to be good to get where it is”. That has some truth but Coke understands that is not enough. It has to be great, relevant, committed and part of the story of the world community. That is how they will stay at the top of the game.

Watch this video and then think about how you can apply these principles to your business. These ideas can be applied to ANY business.  *Use great content to build your brand, just like the big guys.*

How do you use content to build your brand?
Are you working to build relationships or are you just hawking your product or service?
How can you be better?

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