So, What is Content and Why Does It Matter?



Or What Do Your Mechanic and a Content Creator Have in Common?

Content is all the information that you can find online. It’s pictures, videos, blog posts, articles. comments, web page copy and more. We like to think of a brand new, well-designed website as a hot sportscar and the website’s content is its engine.

Would you want to put an old, sputtering 4-cylinder engine under your sportscar’s hood? Nope. You won’t get very far, will you? Its the same thing when you have poorly written content on your site, you will be spinning your wheels. But well-written content that is powerful and well-tuned will get you where you dream of going.

But great content is not enough. If your customers don’t know you have great content then you can’t expect results. You need to get the word out and get people talking about your brand. The days of brands begging for the sale are just about over. Today, marketing is about building relationships and getting to know your customer. People are looking for QUALITY content that answers questions, informs and entertains. The most effective way to build brand relationships is to move your content through social channels and get people sharing and talking about you.

That’s what we do at Goodinklings, we write content that gets results. We also work with brands to make sure that the great content that we write gets broadcast through social channels, giving us the opportunity to build those relationships. Traditional forms of advertising are still important as part of your brand awareness strategy, but if you built a stadium full of brand evangelists that help you by sharing your content and being part of the conversation surrounding your brand that is powerful!


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  1. Hi Laura,
    Its really good to be here via today’s hangout.
    I just traveled from there to here and found some other informative videos and contents. This is indeed a great source place and the videos speaks volumes.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at today’s Hangout.
    Keep sharing your knowledge with your fellow beings.
    Great Going
    Keep it up
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    ~ Philip

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