Creating Great Content for New Clients


By L Williams

At Goodinklings we write content for various business clients. There are times when we need a bit of guidance to get the ball rolling for a new client. It can be particularly difficult if the business is brand new and they haven’t defined their “voice”. I came across this great article on my Pinterest feed with the infographic above. Follow the link to read the complete article.


Infographic: How to Create Content Ideas for a New Client

Douglas Karr

This is an interesting infographic on creating content ideas for a new client but I’m not sure I agree with the overall direction of the strategy. I actually would flip this upside down and start with who the customer is – not who the company is. Then I would determine the value that you could provide that customer… and work back from there. I believe most companies make the mistake of centering their content around themselves instead of around their customers.

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