Indie Office Hours: E-Book Formatting with Yael Shahar

E-Book Formatting… The Hallelujah Moment

We have all heard stories of what a nightmare it can be to manipulate your manuscript into an e-book format. There are good reasons why it is often difficult. Yael Shahar has the process down cold. On this weeks’ Indie Office Hours she takes us through the process that she uses and shares the tools that make it possible.
4:10 What are the key book publishing paths? Why is it important to understand the pros and cons of each?
7:38 The steps before publication.
9:28 Save yourself time and aggravation, plot your process.
10:55 When you are ready to publish what do you do first? And what about ISBNs?
11:59 Did you know that Kindle has their own identification numbers?
12:28 Here we go…Let’s see Yael’s process of taking a Word document and format it for an e-book.
14:20 Word to Clean HTML tool (do you hear the harps in the background)…It’s that amazing
15:00 And you thought the first tool was amazing wait until you see this one! Sigil AKA The Magic Box
16:53 How to split the document into chapters
17:10 The magic of making your Table of Contents (Charlotte almost swooned here….lol)
18:50 Style sheets
20:40 What about using Scrivener to write your e-book?
24:00 Adding images
27:58 Footnoting, not necessarily fancy free.
28:20 What about Atlantis?
29:50 How will it look on different devices?
31:40 Did you know that e-books can’t get along with horizontal rules?
33:20 Less is more.
34:50 Let’s hear more about Yael.
This is going to be an awesome resource to hold onto. Next week our guest is David Amerland and he will help us understand why metadata is a core component in digital media and how we can best use it.

e-book and other publishing paths
Sigil is a free, open source, multi-platform e-book editor. It is designed to edit books in ePub format.
A great source for learning HTML


Yael Shahar lives in Isreal, where she is an author and publisher. Yael and her husband work together to help authors publish their work at Kasva Press. She is also the author of A Damaged Mirror.

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