Camel Jacket Chat on Entrepreneurship and Fear


A new Hangout on Air for entrepreneurs hosted by Carmen Rojas of Rojas Digital Marketing Consultants debuted April 2nd.  The Camel Jacket Chat was created to open up discussion on topics that are important to entrepreneurs.

The first installment concentrated on fear and how to make it work for you, instead of against you. This show Carmen welcomed guests Dr. Danielle Mincey-White an author, radio show host and founder of Emotional Fitness Therapy and Laura B. Williams a writer, marketer and social media consultant.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this installment:

4 Things You Should Ask Yourself as an Entrepreneur

  • What is Your Fear?
  • Are You Too Worried About What Others Will Think of You?
  • Do Mom’s Really Know Best?
  • Are You Being So Stubborn it Hurts?

3 Questions You Should Think About as an Entrepreneur

  • Are You Living Your Life being Influenced By Other People’s Fears?
  • Are You Unable to Sleep at Night?
  • Are You Looking For Opportunities to Move Forward?

8 Takeaways from this Camel Jacket Chat on Entrepreneurship and Fear

  • Don’t Get Paralyzed Because Things Didn’t Go According to Plan.
  • Be True To Yourself and Live Your Intended Purpose
  • Get Quiet.
  • You Have to Be the Change.
  • Open the Door to Who You Are.
  • We ALL Have Fears.
  • Honor Your Heart.
  • Commit Yourself Mentally to Your Goal and the Opportunities Will Find You.

4 Books Recommended During This HOA



To learn more about Carmen Rojas visit Connect with Carmen on Google+.


To learn more about Emotional Physical Therapy visit Dr. Daneille Mincey-White’s website at Connect with Danielle on Google +.
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To learn more about Laura B. Williams visit Connect with Laura on Google+.

The next installment of the Camel Jacket Chat will be on International Marketing with guests from around the globe! Stay tuned for details!

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