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Great copywriters never stop learning.

Awhile ago I had an online show about building a writing business, called The Writing Biz. One of the things that I encouraged my audience to do is set aside time in their schedule for learning. I called it increasing your “learning equity”. I believe that as freelancers it’s imperative that we take the time to learn new skills and absorb other people’s ideas. This is what keeps us competitive and engaged.

Writing is a skill that can always be improved upon. Many copywriters have a natural talent for writing, but the talent is not everything. Copywriting is  a science. To write effectively you need to take into account how each written piece will drive a customer to follow through with the actions that you expect. understanding their motivations, what words and phrases incite action and how to use modern SEO techniques are all part of the process. Below I share with you some of my favorite copywriting blogs. I subscribe to each of these blogs and as they come in I email them to an Evernote file, so when I have time to sit and read I have them all together in one place. Each one can help you gain “learning equity” and help you become a better writer and build your freelance business.



Copyblogger is a must read for any blogger or copywriter. They offer great articles, ebooks and a ton of training opportunities. The founder, Brian Clark, is one of the superheroes of content marketing. If you decide you can only follow one blog, this is the right choice.


Read this from Copyblogger: 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content

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John Carlton’s -The Rant

“The most ripped-off writer on the Web”- That is what John Carlton calls himself.  The best of the best in the copywriting business follow John and take advantage of the methods that he shares to build their own copywriting businesses. His writing is honest, thought-provoking and actionable.

Read this from The Rant: The Entrepreneur’s Checklist


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Kevan Lee 

Kevan Lee offers advice and writing tips freely to help writers be the best that they can be. Kevan Lee is the Director of Marketing at Buffer, he works hard at perfecting his writing and then shares his methods with the rest of us.

A great resource from Kevan Lee: The 51 Best Writing Articles I’ve Ever Read

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Make a Living Writing

Carol Tice is smart and inspiring. She has worked her butt off since 2008 to build her online business. She is a terrific writer and she is willing to share her knowledge with you. She is also a strong advocate for freelancers.

Great article from Make A Living Writing: 10 Mistakes I Made Publishing My eBook, and How You Can Do it Better

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Men With Pens

Men with Pens offers great writing and marketing advice that is clear, informative and entertaining. They also offer some great articles on building a successful freelance business, such as the one below.

Read this from Men With Pens: Why Some Freelance Writers Struggle to Get Clients

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Write To Done 

Mary Jaksch, the Editor-In-Chief of Write To Done, offers great advice that will help you improve your writing and get more clients. She gets it, because she’s done it. Besides being a writer she is a Zen master holds a 4th-degree black belt in Karate. Her enthusiasm and expertise are evident throughout her blog.

Read this from Write To Done: 3 Habits That Separate Good Writers From Tragic Wannabes

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Freelancer FAQs

Freelancer FAQs not only shares great writing tips, but they share oodles of tips, advice. and resources that can help you in your freelance business. As you have probably found out by now freelancing is not for sissies. You should master a wide range of skills, no how to market yourself and how to find clients. Real clients that will pay you. This site can help you with those things and more.

Read this from Freelancer FAQs: How Do I Send a Truly Effective Cold Pitch?

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I’ve followed Darren Rowse for years now. His ProBlogger podcast is one of my favorites. Each lesson that he offers you can apply to your own copywriting to grow your audience, build a blog and become a better and more effective communicator.

Read this from ProBlogger: How to Pitch Brands When You Have Low Traffic

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SEO Copywriting

Heather Lloyd-Martin is one of the leading women in SEO writing. On her website. you can find training and articles that will teach you how to use SEO techniques to power up your copywriting and get you the results that will make your clients happy.

Read from SEO Copywriting: 21 Ways a Copywriter Can Help a Small Business

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Jeff Bullas 

#1 Global “Digital Marketing Influencer” – 2016

Jeff Bullas is a marketer, author, speaker and blogger. He is a powerful force in the content marketing world. Not only does he offer advice on content marketing. but also on entrepreneurship.

10 Secrets Behind Creating Contagious Content 10 Times Better Than Your Competition

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These are some of the blogs that I found were the most helpful for me in my copywriting career. If you feel that I missed someone, please let me know. Like I said  I am always trying to learn how to be better!

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