Google+ for Freelancers:Another Reason You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

Google-Plus for freelancers


Google+ For Freelancers Another Reason You Don’t Have to Wear Pants

As freelancers it is vital that we either have a good grasp of how to use social media or pay someone to handle our social media marketing for us. It seems that each time we get a good idea of how to use one platform along comes another. Each one offers value but at this time I believe that Google+ is the one that freelancers can get the most out of. There are several reasons I think that this is true.


Why Should I Bother With Google+?

1. You can build circles for each of your interests. Start a circle that includes other freelancers, one for clients and potential clients and maybe one for great advice and tips.
2.  It’s ALL about relationships. Google+ is designed to not just be a place where you shout out who you are and what you do its success has been in building real relationships.
3. Communities. You can join a community of people who are interested in the same stuff you are, like naked lawn bowling.
4.You get invited to parties. You can get invited to Hangouts that are something people want to share with you or you can join or start a video party. This is also where you will save hangouts that are coming up so that you will be reminded.
5.Maybe you love hanging out. Hang Outs are Google’s video chat and instant messaging platform that is just amazing. The applications for this that can be used to help your business grow are pretty much unlimited. And you don’t have to wear pants.
6. It’s mostly for grown ups and a few of us who haven’t yet.
7. It’s really cool and pretty.


WARNING: Before you follow the rest of these links, if you haven’t already, get your Google+ account. Why? Because you will want to follow every one of the people that are offering you free advice on how to build a better freelancing business.

Here’s how to start your Google+ experience

Grab a cup of coffee, a beer or maybe some green tea. Put your feet up and open your mind. It is about to get BLOWN>

Click the graphic for Martin Shervington’s Ultimate Guide to Google Posts. This guy is a beast among Googlers. No, for real. Visit his blog, Plus Your Business, for so much advice that your head may explode. If you have a chance to attend one of his Google hangouts. Here’s an example. 





Peg Fitzpatrick  who is also the Queen of all things Pinterest with friends and fellow amazing Googlers, Stephan Hovnanian and Megan Sheakoski made this video. You guys rock.


Whew. Are You Feeling Dizzy?

This should be enough to at least get you started. Visit me on Pinterest and you will find boards on Google, Twitter, Pinterest and social media marketing in general. Oh and don’t forget to check out the ones for freelancing and writing.

What? You want to follow me on Google+, of course you do, darling.

Gotta go I have a Google+ Hangout in thirty minutes:

Google Hangouts & HOA Help offered for Newbies


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