Shouldn’t a Kid’s Education Teach Them To Be Successful?


The Future of Education


Can We Give Our Kids a Better Education?

“We’re in the information age, for the love of God! We don’t need to teach our kids trigonometry. That’s why they make computers. It’s not like we are going to get stranded on a desert island, without a computer, and need to somehow formulate an algebraic equation. I think it would be very intelligent to teach our kids the language of the world, which is the language of money, the language the language of sales and the language of influence. Because they’re wither going to be an influencer or they are going to be influenced. There is always going to be two sides to that coin. Which side would you rather your kid be?” – Frank Kern, Marketing Genius

This excerpt is from the book The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. The book is about education by self-learning and how to propel yourself towards success in your life.

I don’t care what you are doing in life you are, in some way, selling and/or marketing something. You may be trying to sell yourself to get into the right school, you may be trying to convince someone to hire you, you may be trying to get someone to date you and on and on.

Think about how many times in life that you had to sell yourself, an idea, a product or a service. Why don’t we teach our kids this kind of thinking? Our under-funded education system is in no way designed to teach kids to be successful. Of, but they do? By teaching them to get good grades? Do you realize how many extremely successful people had horrible grades, quit school, didn’t go to college. It didn’t mean that they were failures.

This is a conversation that needs to get serious. How can we change our education to fit today’s world? We need to increase the use of technologies and design in our schools. We need to teach kids computer language, not is a cursory fashion but something that they can move forward with and apply in real life. We need to teach kids real collaboration skills, marketing approaches (not only theory and how to communicate and sell.

………………………in a perfect world.

I am sure that there will be many people who think that this is way off base and that’s fine. I truly would like to hear your opinions because, regardless of the outcome, at least we are talking about it.

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By Laura B. Williams


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