One of My Favorite Evernote Tips

Evernote tip #1

Evernote is Picture Perfect!!!!

I don’t know how I would manage all the nonsense that I have to manage every day without Evernote. I am using it right bow to write this blog post so that I have a copy. Then I will add tags so that I can find it later. I use it to remind me of events, I manage all my emails through Evernote and it is irreplaceable as a research tool. But here my friends is one of my favorite ways to use Evernote.


I take pictures of all kinds of things to then save in Evernote.


I take pictures of business cards and then I tag them as ….business card, name of business, what type of business, and the person’s name.


Here’s book cover of the series og books my grandson is reading. It makes it much easier when I am in the bookstore to remember what series he is reading.



One of my favorite poems. It always reminds me of hoe important books are to our history.



Artwork by one of my favorite local artists, Amy Sellers. You can see her work at This is an original for an upcoming book cover for a children’s book that Amy is writing.

I also use it for receipts, warranty information, flyers that I see around town for events (I then add a reminder so I don’t miss it) even labels on beers or wines that I want to remember so that I can find them later! I may snap something that gives me an idea for a blog or a project. This is an incredibly powerful way to bring Evernote into your everyday life and help you get organized and stay sane.

How do you think that you can use Evernote? I would love to hear about it!

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