One second can change you forever. Ask Comedian Michael Jr. And Spiderman.


There is a piece of advice that I have shared with my kids as they have grown up, with employees and with friends that is something that I have found to be unfailingly true.

“It takes only one second to change your life.”

One second can change your life for better or worse. It could be that second where , while driving, you look down to read a text. It could be that second when Cupid’s arrow hits you right between the eyes and you realize how much you love the person beside you. It could be the second where you left a hot pan too close to the edge of the stove…. or the second where you made the winning touchdown as a college scout watched from the stands.

Our lives are made up of minutes and hours of these life-changing seconds.

For Michael Jr. one of those powerful life changing seconds came at a comedy club.

“Normally when a comedian gets on stage, he wants to “get” laughs from people. I felt a little shift take place, where I felt that I was to go up there and give them an opportunity to laugh.”Michael Jr- Comedian

This shift in perspective allowed Michael Jr. to look at comedy and life in a different way. He quit taking and started giving and that made all the difference, personally and professionally. This short video is of Michael Jr. explaining how this shift in thinking changed him.

Look at yourself in your business, personal and spiritual life and see if you are  a taker or a giver. When you are present in that moment and you can either approach a decision, a conversation, a creative idea from either a place where you are concerned about what you will gain or how you can help or inspire, which road will you take?

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.”C.S. Lewis

It just takes a second to change your life or someone else’s life for the better. Or for the worse.

One second.



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