Pinterest & Your Business: Is It Worth Your Time?

Pinterestand Business

We have been involved in some interesting discussions concerning Pinterest lately. We’ve have been asked if pinning should be considered a hobby or a worthwhile endeavor. Others would like to know if Pinterest can be used as a marketing tool or is it just a great place to find yummy recipes and pictures of kittens. And then there is the question, can I build a brand using Pinterest?


Pinterest is a growing platform that can help you, your product or your service get noticed. It’s not just for bored housewives and used properly it is a remarkable effective tool. Building boards that reflect your brand will lead to interaction and sales. Yes, sales. Did you know that over 50% of the people that visit Pinterest buy something?

Here’s a link to my Pinterest boards

Pinterst  marketing board


 Having a great website is not enough by itself, it’s just part of your master plan. You need to tale advantage of every opportunity to show off your brand.


Here are some amazing boards from other pinners that may help you get started.

Pinterest & Business Board– This is a board I created to show businesses why they should use Pinterest and how they can use it effectively.

My Bizznasss: Stuff for KLUConsulting, my freelance writing and marketing business.- Kristin Utterback

Google Plus- Wade Harman

Social Networking- Cynda Felini


By Laura B. Williams

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