Publishing, Crowdfunding Your Book, Marketing…It’s All Here!!!

Wow!  If you want to know about publishing, marketing and crowdfunding this was the week to find out how on Google+.

First there was Indie Office Hours: POD Wars – Lightning Source vs. Create Space. Indie Office Hours which airs Tuesdays at noon, is one of my favorite shows and Charlotte Pierce and her guests always have a lot to offer. The show is the place for authors and freelancers to find wonderful information not only on marketing, organizing and running their businesses but on a variety of subjects.
By the way beginning June 2nd, Charlotte Pierce has graciously asked me to join her as her co-host. How cool is that?
Indie Office Hours: POD Wars – Lightning Source vs. Create Space 
Host: Charlotte Pierce Guests: Don Stevens, Yael Shahar, Mary Rowen, Steve Glines and Laura Williams

5:40 What is Booktrope
12:55 Can you publish to more than one platform?
16:55 Why you may want to start with CreateSpace.
37:00 What about Lulu
43:08 What about Apple and iTunes?
44:00 What about uploading files to Apple or iTunes?
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Get Bizy with Kit and Jim is an Hangout On Air program that covers a variety of topic and this week they tackled Is There a Future For The Book Publishing Businesses? This weeks hosts included Carolyn Capern, Greg Trujillo, Kristin Drysdale and Dennis N. Duce. They were joined by guests Aaron Wood, Marci Diehl and Don Stevens

10:49 What is the first step to getting your book published?
18:00 Why some authors choose smaller print publishers.
25:00 Why you need a great editor.
33:00 How can an awesome cover design improve your book sales?
45:30 What about start up costs?
49:00 Build a following. Let me say that again….build a following.
50:00 Start a Cover War or not?
59:04 What is the future of book publishing?
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The Author Hangout is another of my favorites  Carole Jelen, and we will discuss how to build your author platform. Confused on what a platform is and how to build one? Carole will walk you through it!

2:44 The Empowerment of Self-Publishing
4:37 What is the big deal about having an author platform?
5:50 Why should you think about hiring a literary agent?
7:15 Did you say that you don’t have time to build your platform?
10:27 Is an author platform different than traditional marketing?
12:45 Why you should write a book proposal, even if you are self-publishing.
13:21 What is an author platform?
20:41 What should an author look at when calculating their ROI?
22:34 The New Rules in the Digital Landscape
25:30 Why your author platform should be centered on your website.
This week on Content Warfare Ryan Hanley invited guest, Guy Vincent on his show to discuss How to Crowdfund Your Next Book . The give an incredible amount of information on how crowdfunding works and why it is something you should look into.

5:45 What is a “patron edition” of a book?
10:50 Why self-publish?
4:13 What is the story behind the story?
19:20 Show your work.
26:00 Why you need a team.
28:49 Why you may want to crowdfund your book?
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Some other great resources for authors who want to get published:
21 Things You Need to Know About Self-Publishing 2.0
You can circle all these wonderful people on Google+

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