Content Marketing is Not About Creating Viral Content. Not Kidding. For Real.

Yeah, I said that. I am sure that many of you right now are shaking your head and thinking

“Has she lost her mind? We all want our content to go viral so everyone will see us!”

That may be true for that split second of internet time when your content gets caught up in a flurry of likes, shares, tweets, posts and reposts, but  when it dies down, what was the true value? Did you sell more of your product or service?

Good content marketing is as Rand Fishkin of Moz says in this video

“(Customers) Build up a Positive Bank Account With You…Not Filled With Coins and Money…With Experiences and Touches…Those Build up the Capital in the Account”

He goes on to say, that the average time a customer visits a site before buying into the site is, 7 1/2 times.

For content marketing to be successful you have to do these 3 things

1.Do the work.
Create interesting content that will educate, entertain and intrigue your audience.
2. Clarify your brand’s voice.
Don’t just think about what you are going to say, but how you will say it.
3.Understand your audience.
Brands sometimes think they understand their audience but miss the mark. Here’s an example. The Pull Your Pants Up Plumbing Company creates their content around the services that they provide, around the clock service and internal things like that. Because of their internal thinking their content is stale and rarely does that content convert into sales. They ask themselves, “What the heck are we doing wrong?” The answer: You forgot that you are dealing with people not customers. Like Suzy who just walked in from work at 7 pm, started to cook dinner and finds that her kitchen sink isn’t draining. Suzy probably doesn’t want to call a plumber for a simple fix, then wait until they arrive and probably charge her additional after-hour costs. She want’s help now. What will Suzy do? She will grab her tablet or phone and ask Google, “How Do I Fix a Clogged Kitchen Drain”. She will find an answer and it won’t be from The Pull Your Pants Up Plumbing Company. It will be from a company that understands their audience and provided a step-by-step blog post or video that showed her how to fix her drain herself. It may be a temporary solution to a bigger problem but it got her through that night and the next day, who is she going to call? She will call the company that gave her the information she needed when she needed it. Like Mr. Drain Plumbing.

Here’s How Mr. Drain Plumbing Got It Right

Simple, right? Nope. It is not. Read #1 again.


Believe it or not there are many big brands out there that still don’t get it. First, you have to create content that someone will want to read or share or bookmark before you have anything to market. If you are taking the Buy Buy Buy Hammer and pounding your customer with it then you are going to leave that customer feeling bruised and painfully aware that you are not playing fair.

Be generous. Be real. Do the Work.

That is what will make your brand’s content marketing strategies effective.

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