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Do you have a social marketing plan for your business? Surprisingly, many businesses do not. Of course, you are probably thinking. “Who has the time to put together a social marketing plan, I’m lucky to have found time to get a Facebook page.”

Everyone has good intentions when they create their social media accounts for their businesses, but then life happens. You don’t have time to maintain the accounts, post great content, study the analytics or interact with your followers, so maybe you wonder,

Copywriting Services

At Goodinklings, work with web professionals and businesses to provide copy that works for websites and advertising material. We also help brands develop their message by telling their story through web content including blog posts, social media posts, brochures and many other forms of content creation. We write stories, that sell and are fully optimized using current SEO techniques.

Content Management

We individualize your content management system to fit your schedule, the amount of content you produce and your intended audience. We can manage your content for you or train your staff on how to schedule and maintain your online presence.

Social Marketing

There is one thing that made social media so powerful…… Conversation. That is why it continues to grow and grow and grow. We like to be connected. We like to have a voice. We like to feel a part of something. At Goodinklings we get that. We want to help your business join the conversation in a meaningful way that will attract your ideal customer.

WordPress Development

At Goodinklings, we want you to look your best. We work with our clients to develop a website that conveys their brand message and fits the needs of their ideal customer. We also take the time to train our clients on how to get the most out of their new website.




Today’s businesses rely more and more on an online presence and the ones who take it seriously are the ones winning the game.  The business playing field is changing and now small brands have the chance to compete against the big dogs. They do this by turning to “relationship marketing”. Relationship marketing is built on gaining customers trust by being authentic, helpful and informative. Your customers can now become your brand evangelists and help move your business forward through the power of the social media. Brands have found that creating a cohesive, recognizable online brand not only helps them increase profits but it also improves customer service.


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