How I Set Up a Calendar in Evernote: The Easy Way

Evernote Calendar

Evernote is one tool that I cannot live without and using it to create my calendar was a game-changer!

I absolutely love using Evernote, that being said one of the most effective ways I found to use Evernote is to create my calendar inside of Evernote.
It is vitally important to my day-to-day organization and it helps me make sure that I give my clients the level of service that they deserve.  My to-do list helps me keep up with all follow ups with clients, it gives me a place that I can keep all of my information for each client together, in an easy to understand format and it is very, very shareable!

The first step to creating my Evernote calendar was to make a notebook titled” Calendar”.
Inside this notebook I created individual notes for each month. Once I created the notes for each month I listed all the dates and days of the months in their corresponding note. Here is a link to the a template for  Calendar November 2014
create days

As I add to-dos, notes, events and other information I use the formatting below. You will probably want to change yours to fit your needs.
 calendar legend

Basic To-Dos would look like this
 to dos

Priority items Need to stand out more, so they look like this.
priority items

When I am waiting for a response from a client or a team member this is how it will look.

Notice that I add the link to the email that I had forwarded to my Evernote account- No really, you can do that!:
waiting for response

And for appointments and meetings I usually include several pieces of information.
Notice it includes the time (which I add the link to this note to my Google Calendar), I will ad past meeting notes and email links if they are relevant, and I add the meeting agenda note link. now everything that I need for this meeting is on one place.
 meeting entry

I decided to include a copy of a meeting agenda note.
Here is how I create this document in Evernote which can be shared directly with participants at the conclusion of the event. It keeps me from scrambling around just before the meeting as I try ti be=ring all the resources that I will need together. Click here for the Meeting Agenda Evernote Template

Quick Tip:

If you are wondering how to link to notes, it’s pretty easy. In the top right hand corner click on the “box and arrow” and that will give you several options. You can share the link or you can post directly to a social media network!

I mentioned that you can use Evernote with your email client. This is how I keep my inbox sparkling clean and since I create a new notebook for each client, I can forward emails directly to that email, including the tags! I will be putting together a post for this great time saver.
One of the most powerful things about using Evernote is that I can use it across all of my devices, so no matter where I am my calendar is right there with me!
Using Evernote as my calendar not only saves me time, but it allows me to stay in one program as the day moves along to handle phone calls, to dos, notes, meetings and more. I am sure that you will find a TON of other used!
If you have any questions please contact me, I would love to help you.

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