Small Business Content Marketing in 2015

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Many small businesses are beginning to truly understand the power of social media and content marketing.

The problem is they often don’t know how they can use content marketing in their business and how to tell if there efforts are paying off.

Here are a few statistics from Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs, 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Study, sponsored by Rainmaker Platform.

  • Only 9% of B2B small businesses thinks that their content marketing is very effective.
  • But 86% say they use content marketing in their business
  • 12% Don’t track their ROI!!!

There is still a huge disconnect between knowing that you need to include content marketing in your overall business strategies, and actually making it work. Many businesses, particularly smaller businesses, are looking inward and relying on employees to create and manage their social media accounts, in addition to their other duties. If the people chosen for the job are not experienced it will effect the overall success of their efforts. You can hardly blame the person that fails at a given task if they are not given the specialized knowledge to complete it successfully.

The slideshare below will help you realize that you are not alone and also give you a sense of what you can do to change the way your business handles content creation, marketing and analysis.




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