Social Marketing

Social Marketing Is The Voice & Personality Of Your Business

Do you have a social marketing plan for your business? Surprisingly, many businesses do not. Of course, you are probably thinking. “Who has the time to put together a social marketing plan, I’m lucky to have found time to get a Facebook page.”

Everyone has good intentions when they create their social media accounts for their businesses, but then life happens. You don’t have time to maintain the accounts, post great content, study the analytics or interact with your followers, so maybe you wonder,

“Is it all worth it?”


Not only is it worth it, its absolutely imperative that you have a solid social media platform. This is even more important today. Why? One word. 


Take a couple of minutes and think about what you used your mobile device for this past week. How often do you decide where to go out to eat by using your phone? You look at their website, sometimes you can even order your meal or place reservation, you looked to see what people were saying about the place on Facebook, you checked out reviews and you probably pulled up a map to find out the fastest way to get there. By the way, did you check-in once you were there? Did you look up which wine they offered would go with your meal? Did you take a picture of your amazing dinner and share it on Instagram or Twitter? Did you tell your friends across your social media accounts what a great time you had and suggest that they check it out? Wow. That was just when you went out to dinner.

A smart business makes sure that they can be found where there customers look, that there profile information is current and optimized for search and that they interact with customers as quickly as possible. Imagine if you were in the restaurant and you told your social media friends how fantastic the food and service was and next thing you know, the manager sends you a tweet that says, “Thank you Bob, for helping to get the word out! At ???? we love happy customers. Show this to your server and dessert is on us!” Now they have a loyal and happy customer and you did it all from your mobile device.

This is why it more important than ever that your seek out an expert to help you with your social marketing. Goodinklings can provide you with a strategy that will lead to increased  engagement and visibility across all of your social media channels.

Even more importantly

We open conversations that build relationships

There is one thing that made social media so powerful. Conversation. That is why it continues to grow and grow and grow. We like to be connected. We like to have a voice. We like to feel a part of something. At Goodinklings we get that. We want to help your business join the conversation in a meaningful way that will attract your ideal customer.


Will every post go viral? No.

But what will happen is that with each interaction, you have created a touchpoint. The more touchpoints, the more your business is in the mind of a potential customer. BEFORE THEY NEED YOU! So when the day comes that they are ready to buy, it’s you they think of. Here is what Rand Fishkin of Moz,  says happens



Contact us and we will discuss your specific needs and create a social marketing strategy that works for your business. We also offer otehr services that can help you build your online platform such as, copywriting, content management and WordPress development.





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