7 Things To Help You Decide If Your Small Business Should Hire a Social Media Consultant

Social Media  Consultant   As the owner of a small business you are busy and it can be a challenge to get all the to-dos off your list by the end of the day. There probably isn’t enough time to deal with your social media accounts, much less come up with creative, new content. You tried letting a couple of people in the office help out, but they didn’t really have the experience that was needed to get the results you were looking for. Should you hire a social media consultant? Here are 7 things that may help you make that decision. 

1. Your Website Needs to Be Resuscitated 

More often than not a business owner will have a website built and then get upset that they are not achieving the results that they expected. That comes from having the “Field of Dreams” mentality. If we build it they will come. Not true, pretty much, ever. Your website needs to have some life to it. It needs content that engages with your audience and offers solutions. It needs to reach out to your audience and draw them to your message. 

2. Facebook Doesn’t Seem to Be Working Like It Used To

There are several reasons that Facebook may not be working for you as well as it used to. One of the problems that small businesses are having is that their reach has become even more limited by Facebook’s ad platform. Another problem is that your Facebook followers, for the most part,are people you already know. While that helps to build brand loyalty, you are not necessarily gaining new business. Maybe Facebook is the wrong platform for your brand. A social media consultant can evaluate your needs and find out which social media platforms are the best fit for your business. 

3. We Don’t Update Posts on Our Blog Very Often

Blogs are often a problem for small businesses. First, there is the issue of creating relevant, interesting content that will attract an audience. Second, your posts need to be consistent. If you go weeks between posts it looks like no one really cares and sometimes you are left with out-dated and  irrelevant blog posts. One of the benefits of consistently posting great blog content is it gives you something that you can direct through all of your social media channels and that is what gets you noticed.

4. I Don’t Have Time For This Stuff

Not having time to manage social media accounts is probably the biggest complaint I here. It takes time to properly set the accounts up, generate quality content and then to push the content out to your different channels. Plus, there is also the time spent engaging and conversing with your audience. Hiring a social media consultant could free you up so that you can concentrate on the demands of your business. 

5. Usually Someone In the Office Handles My Social Media

Everyone is busy. Often the tasks of running a businesses social media account falls on the person who has the most time. Not necessarily, the one that has the most experience. Having someone posting random, off message information is not building your brand. It takes an experienced social media manager to align your postings with your company’s values and intent.A great way to disengage your audience is to send confusing signals or to keep asking them for the sale without building a relationship first.

6. We Don’t Have a Strategy

Not having a social media strategy makes it difficult to communicate your message to your audience and to measure your results. Your strategy is your plan for success. By clarifying your goals and creating a structured plan that builds on your message your efforts will have a direct impact. If your online presence is scattered and poorly developed, you will not reach your goals.

7. Will a Social Media Consultant Be Worth the Money?

If you take the time to be sure that the person you hire is experienced and has a record of successes, than yes, a social media consultant is worth every penny. A social media consultant will evaluate your current online presence, create a strategy to help your business move forward and create content that drives engagement and helps you gain the audience that will fuel your brand. A good consultant keeps up on current SEO tactics as well as trends in the industry. A consultant will make sure that your social media profiles are consistent across all platforms and that your brand is recognizable. When you hire an experienced social media consultant you are hiring a person with specialized knowledge that can help your business grow online.

So, what do you think? Is it time to hire a social media consultant?

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