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Small Business Content Marketing in 2015

Many small businesses are beginning to truly understand the power of social media and content marketing. The problem is they often don’t know how they can use content marketing in their business and how to tell if there efforts are paying off. Here are a few statistics from Content Marketing […]

3 Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Writing Biz

  Communication. Creativity. Collaboration. Those are the three words that I use to describe Google+. I have used just about every one of the big social media platforms and I have not felt the connectivity that I have felt on Google+ in any of them. Not one. The dynamic on Google+ is […]

Why Business Writing Is Important to Your Success

Are Your Customers Getting the Right Message From You Through Your  Business Writing?   Carmen Rojas of Rojas Consulting and Stephanie Sims of Finance-ability invited me onto their show Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Marketing to discuss business writing and  how important it is to your entrepreneurial success. Often business owners don’t realize how important […]

Evernote Calendar

How I Set Up a Calendar in Evernote: The Easy Way

Evernote is one tool that I cannot live without and using it to create my calendar was a game-changer! I absolutely love using Evernote, that being said one of the most effective ways I found to use Evernote is to create my calendar inside of Evernote. It is vitally important to my […]

Social Media 7 Things

7 Things To Help You Decide If Your Small Business Should Hire a Social Media Consultant

  As the owner of a small business you are busy and it can be a challenge to get all the to-dos off your list by the end of the day. There probably isn’t enough time to deal with your social media accounts, much less come up with creative, new content. You […]