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No-Hype SEO: A Realistic Formula To Making SEO Work For Your Business, Part 1

  We all are looking for ways to make 2016 more streamlined, easier and still get results. Understanding current SEO methods doesn’t have to be daunting. This article is a good start to gaining the skills you will need. Clear and concise goals are what will make the difference. As […]


Why Stories Work for Business | Social Media Today

What happens when you get lost in a city filled with brands and the only one you’re looking for is the one you can’t find? Do you give up? Why is the find so important?  Obviously it’s more than brand recognition. A brand’s story is what creates advocacy and solidifies […]


5 Steps For Hiring An Awesome Content Writer

Finding and hiring a content writer can be difficult. Are you worried about how this person will represent your business, how much it will cost, and if they are the right person for the job? Maybe just the thought of going through the process to find a writer intimidates you […]

An Afternoon at the Coffee Shop or How Content Marketing Really Works For You

Just now, sitting in my local coffee shop (Isn’t that where all great writers hangout?), I made a new friend. Believe it or not our hour long talk started because I admired her gorgeous piece of carrot cake. This lead to a conversation on sugar, Alzheimer’s disease. mental illness, PTSD, […]

Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Not Be Addicted to Social Media

    I love quotes. This is a good example of why, in seven words Gary V. summed up the nature of the content beast and I would also say, the value of social media marketing. This is 2015 people and the old marketing models are headed to the great […]