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Small Business Content Marketing in 2015

Many small businesses are beginning to truly understand the power of social media and content marketing. The problem is they often don’t know how they can use content marketing in their business and how to tell if there efforts are paying off. Here are a few statistics from Content Marketing […]

Erik Qualman

Why Social Media Is a Must: Erik Qualman

  Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics, produced this video to show how social media is no longer a choice , it is a must for business. I know, I know you hear this all the time, but have you really sat back and evaluated how social media can improve your […]

content marketing

Content Marketing is Not About Creating Viral Content. Not Kidding. For Real.

Yeah, I said that. I am sure that many of you right now are shaking your head and thinking “Has she lost her mind? We all want our content to go viral so everyone will see us!” That may be true for that split second of internet time when your […]

Social Media 7 Things

7 Things To Help You Decide If Your Small Business Should Hire a Social Media Consultant

  As the owner of a small business you are busy and it can be a challenge to get all the to-dos off your list by the end of the day. There probably isn’t enough time to deal with your social media accounts, much less come up with creative, new content. You […]

Understanding Print On Demand: POD Wars – Lightning Source vs. Create Space

Understanding Print On Demand: POD Wars – Lightning Source vs. Create Space When Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press told me that her next Indie Office Hours Show would be on Print on Demand, I was very interested to hear more. Charlotte and her guests not only discussed two of the main […]