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3 Reasons to Use Google+ for Your Writing Biz

  Communication. Creativity. Collaboration. Those are the three words that I use to describe Google+. I have used just about every one of the big social media platforms and I have not felt the connectivity that I have felt on Google+ in any of them. Not one. The dynamic on Google+ is […]

Time Management: How Did It Get So Late So Soon?

  Time Flies…Sometimes In the Wrong Direction This week on The Writing Biz we began a discussion on time management. My guests were Ryan J. Rhoades, who teamed up with co-author, Lany Sullivan to write a great book on time management, Stop Wasting Time & Burning Money, and Charlotte Pierce, […]

Book Marketing with Special Sales Strategies with Brian Jud

Book Marketing with Special Sales Strategies with Brian Jud on Indie Office Hours  Host Charlotte Pierce, with co-host, Laura Williams and guest Brain Jud. Book Marketing Super Hero Brian Jud Book marketing is, for many of us, much harder than the writing of your book. So how do you get […]


What is Your One Thing and How Are You Going to Make it a Reality?

Do you know what your One Thing is? I watched The Jess, Scott and You  HOA (Google hangout on Air) tonight. The topic was Amplify Your Impact. Some of the things I learned: The 4 D’s GPS The 411 The Domino Effect and more.  The discussion centered around the book […]