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Write Killer Product Descriptions That Tell A Story and Sell Your Product

Go from boring to brilliantly effective in 150 words or less Product descriptions can be tricky and if they are poorly written they can cost you sales. Learning to write a product description that describes your great product, makes the search engines happy and creates a sale is what fuels […]


Why Stories Work for Business | Social Media Today

What happens when you get lost in a city filled with brands and the only one you’re looking for is the one you can’t find? Do you give up? Why is the find so important?  Obviously it’s more than brand recognition. A brand’s story is what creates advocacy and solidifies […]


The Ultimate Online Editing and Proofreading Checklist

Pamela Vaughan shares some great insights on how to proofread and edit copy. How often do you read an article or blog post where you find spelling and grammar errors? Here’s how to make sure you end up with clean copy and avoid embarrassing mistakes. Source: The Ultimate Online Editing […]


One second can change you forever. Ask Comedian Michael Jr. And Spiderman.

There is a piece of advice that I have shared with my kids as they have grown up, with employees and with friends that is something that I have found to be unfailingly true. One second can change your life for better or worse. It could be that second where […]

Why Business Writing Is Important to Your Success

Are Your Customers Getting the Right Message From You Through Your  Business Writing?   Carmen Rojas of Rojas Consulting and Stephanie Sims of Finance-ability invited me onto their show Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Marketing to discuss business writing and  how important it is to your entrepreneurial success. Often business owners don’t realize how important […]