Have you Updated Your WordPress Site to 3.9 “Jimmy Smith”?

WordPress 3.9 and Getting “Bad” with Jimmy Smith

This is a very exciting update. It adds a lot of functionality that will make the overall use of WordPress much easier and intuitive.

Things to look for in this update:

  • Improved Visual editing: You can now drag and drop images, improved editing, galleries show right int he editor and one of my favs, you can resize graphics in the editor.
  • Introduction of video and audio playlists
  • Live Widget and Header Previews: You can preview widgets and headers right in the editor, no more second guessing and wait and see!
  • New theme Browser: This makes finding that perfect theme much easier.


So get in there and check it out. I am thrilled to see that they added these new and enhanced capabilities.

Don’t forget to backup before you update!!! 

You may be wondering who “Jimmy Smith” is.

Jimmy Smith was one of the leaders of innovation in Jazz. In 1951, He purchased the first Hammond organ and spent a year practicing in a warehouse.


Jimmy went on to have a long career in Jazz. Recording many albums and he even played on Michael Jackson’s huge hit, “Bad”.

Here is Jimmy Smith performing “Midnight Special. I am pretty sure that is Kenny Burrell  on the guitar:

Jimmy Smith “Back at the Chicken Shack” 1960 Kenny Burrell is on guitar, Stanley Turrentine on tenor saxophone and Donald Bailey on drums.

While you are backing up your WordPress site sit back, listen and enjoy.


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