Write Killer Product Descriptions That Tell A Story and Sell Your Product

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Go from boring to brilliantly effective in 150 words or less

Product descriptions can be tricky and if they are poorly written they can cost you sales. Learning to write a product description that describes your great product, makes the search engines happy and creates a sale is what fuels your business. You can have a gorgeous website with all the bells and whistles, but when your customer gets there and your descriptions don’t sell your products, then what’s the point?

So how do you write a killer product description?

You know your products, right? But do you know who you are writing for, what they are looking for and how to help them find it? Having the answers to those questions is the difference between a boring, stagnant product description and a description that gets sells.

The very first thing that you should do when writing a product description is list out the features and benefits. What makes your product great and why is it great. For example, one of the things Suzy’s Kitchen Emporium sells is bowls. All kinds of bowls. So how do you write descriptions that makes each bowl unique? A bowl is a bowl, right. Let’s take look.

Here is what many descriptions look like:

aspen-bowlSuzy’s Bowl
A 6.25″ dia. x 2.75″H durable, chip resistant bowl. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Does that tell you something about the bowl? Yes, it does, Does it make you want to buy it? Will it make it easy for a search engine to tell the difference between this bowl and any other bowl on the planet? Nope.

Let’s first look at the customer who would primarily go to Suzy’s site to buy a bowl. Suzy knows that her customers are for the most part people who love to cook and more of them are women then men. She also knows that they are looking for something a bit different that they may be able to find in a local store.

Now let’s look at the product. It’s not just a white bowl. It’s made with all-melamine, it’s almost unbreakable. The bowl is BPA free and you can buy it alone or as part of the Douro River 20 piece set, made in Portugal.

Next, we will decide what keywords will help your customer and the search engines find Suzy’s bowl. In your description you do not want to just say “Suzy’s Bowl”. That doesn’t tell anyone anything when they are quickly scanning through her site looking for a bowl. Let’s start by looking at the title of the product description.

Let’s change the title “Suzy’s Bowl” to:

Douro River Dinnerware Melamine Bowl

Now anyone who is looking for a Douro River Melamine Bowl will find it, or a piece of Douro River Dinnerware, or a product made with Melamine or a Melamine Bowl or a Bowl.

Each of the parts of the description are a keyword or keyword phrase.

Let’s move on to the description. Suzy’s site says that the bowl is:

aspen-bowlSuzy’s Bowl
A 6.25″ dia. x 2.75″H durable, chip resistant bowl. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


The bowl is that, but you could say so much more. Tell a story about the bowl. Be informative, seductive and fun.

Here’s a great description that includes all the keywords and makes the plain white bowl sound like it is the best bowl ever since the creation of mankind. Well, maybe not since the creation of mankind.

Try this:

aspen-bowlDouro River Dinnerware Melamine Bowl

This simple and elegant Douro River Dinnerware Melamine Bowl comes to you from Portugal. Carefully crafted from melamine, this almost unbreakable bowl can hold the kids’ cereal or a delicious soup at a dinner party. Count on easy clean up, it’s dishwasher safe and heat resistant. BPA free.
6.25″ dia. x 2.75″H

Keywords used: Douro River Dinnerware Melamine Bowl, Douro River Dinnerware, Melamine Bowl, Melamine  and Bowl.

In 60 words we told a story about a plain looking white bowl that will tell a customer that it’s not just a plain white bowl. It’s an amazing plain white bowl that needs to be on their table. Don’t forget to add keywords to your images!

Yes, this takes time and if you do not have the time to write product descriptions that get results then you should hire someone. This is too important part of your business to ignore. Your product descriptions need to entice, excite and encourage a sale.

Here are the 5 things you need to remember when writing your product description:


  • Know your customer
  • Know your product
  • Sell your product
  • Be Unique
  • Use keywords and keyword phrases

Give careful thought to each description and make it the best that it can be and you will see an increase in sales and traffic to your site.

Be exceptional not ordinary.

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