Writing … It’s Not Just a Hobby Anymore

Writing … It’s Not Just a Hobby Anymore

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Tonight was the inaugural broadcast of The Writing Biz. After a couple of technical glitches in the green room with the help of my friend and guest, Charlotte Pierce we went live. With this first episode I wanted to explain what my intentions are and how the program can help writers. The reason I decided to start a show that addresses the business side of writing is because I feel that writers are strongly underserved in this area. I want to provide resources, tools and ideas that can be applied immediately to your business, so that you can get back to writing.
2:13 Why do a show on the business of writing?
4:14 When your writing isn’t a hobby anymore.
4:42 Why you need to start building a platform.
6:08 You, yeah you, are responsible for much more the publishing, marketing and other parts of the writing business.
7:38 If you make money you can buy toys. Cool ones.
9:30 Maybe you need your own “mini-me”.
14:00 Hmmmmm…a podcast.
15:50 More topics that we will talk about.
18:38 Do you live in a pinball machine to?
23:05 Cool! But how do you sign up?
26:26 Get your gold pen here!
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So, here is what I want from you…INTERACTION. I want to hear about your struggles in your writing business. I want to hear what is working for you. I want to help you find answers to your questions. I promise you that I will do my best to find the people, tools and resources that can help your business grow and be efficient enough that you have the time you need to write.
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Next Week: Time Management 101: How Did It get So Late So Soon? June 18. 2014 @ 7:30 EST

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