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 Building a Team can Build Your Self-Publishing Business

We all wish that we could hire our “dream teams”. To put out a great product, whatever that may be, takes a team of talented, knowledgeable and creative people. A good team will use their combined talents to help you reach your goals. Our topic for this edition of Indie Office Hours is when and how to delegate responsibilities in your business so that you will end up with a marketable product. Your product may be your publishing services, a book, a course or a website, whatever business you are running, you are going to need help.


One of the ways that we try to save money is to take care of everything ourselves. This is unrealistic and often can leave you with an inferior product that could have been great, if you had asked for help.


Before we go any further think about your next project. As Jason T. Wiser. suggests in this video, make a list of things that will need to be done to bring your product into existence. Now, make another list and write down all the things on your first list that you HATE to do. Next add to that second list all the things you DON”T WANT to do. Now those are the things that you should delegate.


I suggest that you take that list and categorize it by talent. Columns may be titled web designer, graphic designer, social marketer, publisher, bookkeeper, virtual assistant, research and on and on. At this point you should have a pretty good idea of what you will need and what kind of person can help you.


There are several ways to go about hiring. You can go to freelance websites that have people that will work for you on a project by project basis, maybe you know someone in your community that can help you or take time to check out people who are already doing what you need and doing it well. Another option is to enlist a virtual assistant service, this is a great help with daily tasks and organizational matters. Jason mentioned throughout the video that to keep your eyes open for great people and once you find them pay them what they deserve.


Remember that hiring is a two-way street. If you expect to maintain a relationship with anyone, including the people that you bring on to your team. than you need to treat them well. If you took the time to hire the right people in the first place, trust them to do a good job. Discuss and PUT IN WRITING your expectations! Make sure that they are aware of time constraints and exactly what you you need from them. For example, telling a web designer that you want a website and your favorite color is blue is not enough information to get an end product that you will be happy with.


Unfortunately, that happens. Keep a contact list of people you are using or think that you may use on projects. You may find that your go to web guy, isn’t available to take care of something you need when you need it. When that happens, hopefully, you will have a back up that can help you out. Tordis Isselhardt gives a great example of when she ran into a problem with her go-to editors being unable to take on a particular project. She found out the hard way that sometimes the level of expertise and work ethic varies from person to person.


Here is a personal caveat. Just because you use a desktop publishing program to create fliers for your favorite organization DOES NOT mean that you should design your own marketing materials, book covers or pretty much anything else. Your image is your MOST IMPORTANT business asset. I’m not kidding. If you write an amazing story and you cover it up with a hokey amateur cover, say goodbye to your dreams of touring the world as a best selling author.


Another point o f discussion in the show concerned your time-line. It truly is smart to wait and hold your launch until you have the best product possible. If you are low on funds and can’t hire a good web designer to build the anchor of your web presence,than wait. DON”T hire the high school kid next door because he is learning about coding in school. DO NOT have your cousin’s, best friend’s boyfriend design your book cover because they did such a great job on your family reunion’s invitations. STOP, take a deep breath, save some money and then move forward. Rushing towards an end product can cost you sales and even your reputation.

Whew. It’s starting to get lonely up here on this soapbox, so I am going to get down grab a cup of coffee and read a good book. Look for Indie Office Hours, every Tuesday at noon EST, with myself, our wonderful host Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press. Thank you you very much to our remarkable guest Tordis Isselhardt of Images From the Past Press and Jason T. Wiser of On Track Tips.

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Virtual Assistant   Team


Some People I Know Are Really Awesome and Some That Awesome People Told Me About

Link to freelance sites  ,,

Link to Virtual Assistant services: International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)

Graphic Design: Reformation Designs the CEO and Lead Designer is my buddy, Ryan J. Rhodes and his work is awesome.

Websites: Rojas Consulting CEO Carmen Rojas has put together a team of web designers, graphic designers, app developers, writers and more to make sure that you have a website that will rock your socks off!

Content Writing and Marketing: (That’s me. I would love to discuss your project with you)

(Disclaimer: I recommend these services because I either use them, have built a good professional relationship with them or I have had the service recommended to me by people I trust. I do not warranty their work in any way. These are my opinions, you as a business owner should evaluate them to ensure that they are good fit for you and your project.)


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